Are you Gratuitous or are your Tipping for an advantage?

"T.I.P" is an abbreviation: "to insure promptitude", which many historians seem to agree started in Seventeenth Century England.

To me that sounds like a bribe....

Picture this - a person ordering a round of drinks at a bar, tips a large or even a more than decent amount on one order, I guarantee that the Barman will make every effort to continue serving this person hoping for a generous and continuous stream of income. More than likely, as the alcohol effect grows on the guest, this scenario is likely to become more and more true. Is it safe to then say that the initial tip was indeed a "bribe" to the barman so the guest would be served promptly; therefore living up to the original definition of a "T.I.P".

On the other hand, a Gratuity is a form of saying "Thank you". A form of payment that is given voluntarily or beyond any obligation. On the same line of thinking as a Tip, yes, I will agree that should the Gratuity be generous, a Waiter or Barman will be more inclined to serve a guest the next time as well.

Theoretically, both words and actions of the words is a form of gratitude, but one of the questions I will throw out there is: Which one is leaning more to a bribe than a genuine thank you?

Let us have a look at guidelines to tipping across the world:

Suggested % of final bill to Tip Extra Notes
America 15 - 20% Expected.
Tips are how Servers make their money to pay bills
Argentina 10% Voluntary, but standard in Restaurants. Your choice depends on the level of service received.
Asia (General) <  15% Depends largely on level of luxury.
Australia 15 - 20% No Rules. Has a non-tipping culture.
Not necessary, but appreciated
Bolivia 5 - 10% At your discretion. Not expected in bars / pubs.
Brazil 10% In Restaurants, often included as a Service Charge.
Bars - good service, 10% is good.
Chile 5 - 10% Always check your final bill to make your decision.
France 5% No Rules.
Not necessary, but appreciated
Greece 5 - 10% Always check your final bill to make your decision.
Japan 0% Not customary and can be considered as an insult or rude.
Paraguay 10 - 15% Tip as often as you can.
Peru 10 - 15% Tips are greatly appreciated.
South Africa - Bars 10 - 20% Small change on small orders.
Larger tip on bigger orders.
South Africa - Restaurants 10 - 15% Tables of 6 or more generally have a Service Charge of 10% added automatically (always check your final bill!).
UK 10% Generally accepted for table service. Tipping in not expected in Bars / Pubs.

I wonder what are your thoughts........

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  1. I like the gratuity method as a Thank You after good service. It's the hospitality staff's responsibility to do their job the best they can, as it is for anyone in any job, so I see the gratuity as gratitude and not bribing - with an element of choice as to how much you give relating to the level of your gratitude. It's a pity not all jobs attract gratuities!